Meet & Greet - Who's Coming

This is the list of those who have signed up for the meet & greet on Friday night.  There are others who are planning to come but have not "officially" registered for it on this website.  If you are planning to come on Friday night, please register for it by going to the "Tickets - 50th Reunion/Meet & Greet.  You do not have to pay money now.  We are asking a $5 donation from classmates attending (guests are free) to cover the cost of the room rental.  



Mike and Dawn Lunsford

Rachel Holt Cushing

Reda Johnson Wilson and Jim Wilson

Luke and Charlene Williamson

Paula Greer Swinford

Marie Craft Freeman

Tom and Jan Smith

Karen Sligh King

Joy Adams Lehn and Collie Lehn

Lindy Majors Domazet and Don Domazet

Mike and Joyce Savage

Marsha Knight Sprague

Debby Isley Herrera and sister Trish Snipes

June Edings Bussey and Gary Bussey

Patti Holloran Salvage and Brad Salvage

Vicki Williams Jaco

Gary Little

David and Kathy Mitchell

John Tyrone

Beverly Ingram Bullock and Gary Bullock

Sarah Carroll Lumpkin

Cassie Walker Udell

Jenifer Miles Deramus and Sherry Landers

Karen Simmons Brooks

David  Dean and Ramona Dean

Jennie Dickinson Stoves

Bonnie Dyer Slaten and Steve Slaten

Donna Williams Mullins and Kris Mullins

Carol Wyckoff Bryant

Steve Wingo and Linda Wingo

Lucy Baker Bloodworth

Mike Eady

Frank Anella and Monique Anella

Kenny Brown and Zac Brown

Pam Burrell Little

Jamie Smith

Nancy Easter Jarrett

Dale Smith

Mike Davis

Warren Humphries

Roger Harper

Bill Crow

Marty Lloyd

Zac and Nancy Manning