Who's Coming

In case you're wondering, here is a list of classmates who have already signed up for our reunion.  Come join us and reconnect with friends you may not have seen in years.  

Adams, Joy (Lehn) and Collie Lehn

Adams, Ken and Elner Ruth Melvin

Anella, Frank and Monique Anella

Baker, Lucy (Bloodworth)

Benson, Ronnie (guest of Roger Harper)

Brown, Kenny and Charla Brown

Brown, Linda (Dollar) and Steve Dollar

Burrell, Pam (Little)

Callahan, Kitty (Engle)

Carroll, Sarah (Lumpkin)

Carter, Marsha (Hancock) and Larry Hancock

Coggins, Terry and Joanne (Hamrick) Coggins

Craft, Marie (Freeman)

Crouch, Jenny (Walker) and Joe Walker

Crow, Bill

Curl, David and Becky Curl

Davis, Mike

Dean, David and Ramona Joy Dean

Dean, Kathy (Jones) and Dennis Jones

Dickinson, Jennie (Stoves) 

Durden, Rita (Powell) and Robert Powell

Dyer, Bonnie (Slaten)

Eady, Mike

Easter, Nancy (Jarrett)

Edings, June (Bussey) and Gary Bussey

Edwards, Ken and Gayle Edwards

Gammage, Nancy (Prince)

Gilmore, Judy (Riley)

Graham, Marty and Mary Kay Graham

Gray, Benny

Gray, Billy and Linda Gray

Greer, Paula (Swinford)

Gustin, Jimmy and Brenda Gustin

Hankins, Roberta (Cowart)

Harper, Roger and Dana Harper

Heaton, Kim and Sharon Heaton

Hester, Judy (Bryant) and Jerry Bryant

Holloran, Patti (Salvage) and Brad Salvage

Holt, Rachel (Cushing) and Ken Cushing

Humphries, Warren

Ingram, Beverly (Bullock) and Gary Bullock

Isley, Debby (Herrera) and sister, Trish Snipes

Keeton, Larry and Angela Keeton

Knight, Patty (Roll) and Tommy Roll

Knight, Marsha (Sprague) and Patrick Delaney

Knight, Sharron (Cosby) and Danny Cosby

Little, Gary

Lloyd, Marty

Lunsford, Mike and Dawn Lunsford

Majors, Lindy (Domazet) and Don Domazet

Manning, Zac and Nancy Manning

McCullough, Don and Susan McCullough

McDonald, David and Susan McDonald

McGukin, Joy (Norris)

Miles, Jenifer (Deramus) and Sherry Landers

Miller, Carl and Linda Miller

Mitchell, David and Kathy Mitchell

Morris, Melissa (Wiseman) and Terry Wiseman

Neel, Rick and Susan Neel

Reid, Topper and Diane Reid

Riddle, Larry and Teresa Riddle

Rogers, David and Mona Rogers

Roll, Michael and Cathy Roll

Sasser, Susan (Clem)

Savage, Mike and Joyce Savage

Smith, Dwight (Tom) and Jan Smith

Sligh, Karen (King)

Stuman, Becky (Umphrey) and Bobby Umphrey

Tyrone, John

Walker, Cassie (Udell)

Waterhouse, Mike and Jerri Waterhouse

Weldon, Donita (McCraven) and David McCraven

Wentzell, Philip and Cherie Wentzell

White, Phoebe (Harrison) 

Williams, Donna (Mullins) and Kris Mullins

Williams, Vicki (Jaco)

Williamson, Luke and Charlene Williamson

Wilson, Jim and Reda (Johnson) Wilson

Wingo, Steve and Linda Wingo

Wood,  Carol (Simmons) and Hoyt Simmons

Wood,  Nina (Armistead) and Gordon Armistead

Wright, Dan and Sheila Wright

Wright, Mike

Wyckoff, Carol (Bryant)

Yarbrough, Norris and Susan Yarbrough

Zorn, Rick