As of Wednesday, May 12th, we have 106 classmates who have joined this site!!!   That's 34.9%!!     We only have 198 to go.  Encourage those you have contact with to join us.  

Also if you are planning to attend the reunion and the meet and greet, we would love for you to go ahead and sign up.  Go to the "Tickets - 50th Reunion" link on the left column of the home page.   Thanks to the many who have signed up the past couple of  weeks!!  Our goal is to have a minimum of 100, and hopefully more, in attendance on August 7.   69 people are signed up right now.   


May 21, 2021:    110 classmates have signed up on this website.  That's 36.2 percent.  Encourage your classmates to join us here.   We have 75 people signed up for the reunion so far.  If you are planning to attend, please go ahead and register or let either Rachel or Karen know that you're planning to come!!


May 30, 2021:  120 classmates have signed up on this website.  We are up to 39.5% who have joined.  90 people have registered for the reunion.  We are getting so close to our minimum goal.  Who will be the 100th person to register?  


June 7, 2021:   Two months until our reunion.  We now have 100 people who have registered for the reunion.  Topper Reid registered today, which brought our registrants to 100.   If you are planning to register, please go ahead and do it soon!!  The registration deadline is July 9.  

 125 classmates have joined this website (41%).